[RESOLVED] NXC2500 v4.30 - Firmware update

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I want to update my ZyXel NXC 2500 - wireless lan controller.

ZyXel NXC 2500 Firmware:
     -Start module: V1.03
     -Current version: V4.30(AAIG.0)
     -Release date: 2016-07-05

The ZyXel is registered in the "myzyxel.com" platform but it does not appear in the "Firmware download" tab (this hardware may not be supported by this platform).

In "ZyXel.com" there is the latest firmware for my equipment:
     -Version 6.10 (AAIG.2) C0
     -Version 6.10 (AAIG.1) C0
     -Version 6.10 (AAIG.0) C0
In the note for each version, the part "6 - Read me first before upgrading" is empty.

Can I do a big update from "current V4.30(AAIG.0)" to the latest "version 6.10 (AAIG.2) C0 or I need to make small update between other versions for the compatibility?

Thank's for your help

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  • mMontana
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    Is your device running or it's a.. "starting" controller?
    If it's running, how many AP's is managing? Can you afford a downtime of 1-3 hours after the update?

    The whole firmware history of NXC2500 can be found here.
    With all the release notes.

  • mMontana
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    Assuming to have all the firmwares downloaded into your computer, maybe with only 8 APs the effective downtime will be less than 1h our, but... I personally consider also the testing, therefore 1h par update seems a small understatement. 1.5h fit a bit better, IMVHO.

    I'd go with this sequence:
    4.30 -> 5.00 -> 5.40 -> 6.00 -> 6.10 AAIG2.
    Don't forget to update all APs firmware at every step.

    Feel free to have any "staging" time among upgrades.

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