crypto boost-tcp: how to use it

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With ZLD 5.10 some "boost" of IPsec VPN was delivered to device which had it. So no USG40, USG40W, USG60, USG60W currently, but for USG20-VPN and USG20W-VPN.

How to sensefully use it?
  • Is it useful enable it on only one endpoint if the other one is not capable? Example: USG40 on client side, USG20-VPN on the server side, enable it only on server side could be useful?
  • Is it useful enable it the device is an L2TP server for roadwarriors connections?
Thanks for your time.


  • CHS
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    It looks only supprot in 5.10 firmware. The other models without 5.10 version.
    In Site-to-Site scenario, of cause it has to apply in both of devices.
    This command should works in all of VPN tunnel.(Not only site to site VPN)
  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 428  Master Member
    Thanks @CHS, i had the same impression. But I'd love a statement from Zyxel representatives.

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