USG110 - phasing out of product support and licensing?

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I found a confusing statement at the Zyxel Support Campus website regarding phasing out of different USG series models and connected licensing:

We have to renew the bundle licence (IDP/SPAM/CF/AV) of our USG110 soon, in November at the latest. But now I'm confused whether we can activate the bundle licence which we itent to purchase from an internet dealer, as we've done it in past. Has anybody more infos?

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  • Podo
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    Ask the license's part number from internet dealer and search in there

    If you buy it from internet dealers I suggest you register it to myzyxel and link to your device as soon as possible.
  • USG_User
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    Thanks Podo,
    But the bundle license costs about 600 € !!!  I won't purchase it as long as a safe activation is not guaranteed.
    For example, the license activation last date for Anti-Spam is already done as per 2021-06-30, but the LIC-BUN-ZZ0067F still contain Anti-Spam.

  • Podo
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    In that case I recommend you to use zyxel marketplace.
    Switch to marketplace on the upper right and buy your license with auto-activation.

    Marketplace's system offers you the compatible licenses so you don't need to afraid or compare part number or something.

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