[Release Note] Access Point Series - V6.25 P2 firmware has been released!

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Access Points Firmware Release Note V6.25 Patch 2

Date: October 21, 2021

Supported Platforms

NAP203 V6.25(ABFA.2)

NAP303 V6.25(ABEX.2)

NAP353 V6.25(ABEY.2)

NWA1123-AC HD V6.25(ABIN.2)

NWA1123-AC PRO V6.25(ABHD.2)

NWA1123-ACv3 V6.25(ABVT.2)

NWA1302-AC V6.25(ABKU.2)

NWA5123-AC HD V6.25(ABIM.2)

WAC500 V6.25(ABVS.2)

WAC500H V6.25(ABWA.2)

WAC5302D-Sv2 V6.25(ABVZ.2)

WAC6103D-I V6.25(AAXH.2)

WAC6303D-S V6.25(ABGL.2)

WAC6502D-E V6.25(AASD.2)

WAC6502D-S V6.25(AASE.2)

WAC6503D-S V6. 25(AASF.2)

WAC6552D-S V6.25(ABIO.2)

WAC6553D-E V6.25(AASG.2)

NWA110AX V6.25(ABTG.2)

NWA210AX V6.25(ABTD.2)

WAX510D V6.25(ABTF.2)

WAX610D V6.25(ABTE.2)

WAX630S V6.25(ABZD.2)

WAX650S V6.25(ABRM.2)


New Feature and Enhancements 




Bug Fix

Accumulated bugs fixed.


Known Issue

Empty column stands for the mode is unaffected.

 CLD=Cloud mode, MGNT= Management mode, STD=Standalone mode






1.       [eITS: 210400642]

[Symptom] Mesh SSID is visible


2.       [eITS: 210500147]

[Symptom] SSID not broadcast after changing the forwarding mode from NAT to local bridge  



3.       [eITS: 210900596]

[Symptom] Act-session ID in access stage is different to accounting stage  






  • Dan17
    Dan17 Posts: 1
    What does the P2 firmware actually do?

    "Accumulated bugs fixed" doesn't really give us a good idea of what it's for.
  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 756  Guru Member
    Moreover, other AP still waiting for Deep frag patched firmwares... :s
  • Zyxel_Bella
    Zyxel_Bella Posts: 304  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @Dan17


    Firmware V6.25 P2 C0 has enhanced captive portal redirect by changing certificate.

    If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

    Thank you




  • Pbee
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    Dan17 said:
    What does the P2 firmware actually do?

    "Accumulated bugs fixed" doesn't really give us a good idea of what it's for.

    Maybe the memory overflow bug in the previous version?

  • Pbee
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    A few days later I'm reconsidering this version; after just two days memory use has increased again from 43% to 70% and rising. This morning, 24 hours after another reboot, it has risen again from 43% to 62%. 

    This quick rise was not the case with earlier version 6.20 before the Frag-hotfix. When memory use rises above 85% connection and transmission issues start to happen.

    I'm seriously considering to revert back to 6.10 or 6.20 from earlier this year.

    Devices: WAX650S

  • Zyxel_Bella
    Zyxel_Bella Posts: 304  Zyxel Employee

    Hi @Pbee


    Thank you for reporting your observation.

    We’d like to know if you’re running any application through wireless when you aware the high memory usage.

    We can help to check the details of the AP, please enable the Zyxel support at Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, and provide the Org and Site name for us.




  • Pbee
    Pbee Posts: 14
    Now running 3 days, 14 hours and memory usage is at 95% again.

    @Zyxel_Bella This support option isn't available as these units are not connected to Nebula.
    We'll try to rebuild the config from factory default again, before reverting to the old firmware.

  • Pbee
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    edited November 2021
    OK... within 18 hours memory use went up from 43% to 60%. 
    So we reverted back to V6.20(ABRM.0) from april 2021. We'll monitor this one for a couple of days.

    We're running general network applications, like MS Teams or Google Meet on daytime with less than 10 clients. Mixed with streaming (video, audio, desktop) services randomly through out the day. This posed no problem before. 
  • Pbee
    Pbee Posts: 14
    Now running on V6.20(ABRM.0) for more than 5 days and still on 45% memory use. Config and network use was not changed after downgrade. 
  • Pbee
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    edited November 2021
    Update: +7 days running on V6.20(ABRM.0) and still on 44% memory use. Won't update back to V6.25 now. Will have to wait for V6.30, hoping that this memory bug is removed then.