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Mario Posts: 90  Ally Member
I know the wireless healt funcntion from Nebula and really like it.
Since ATP 5.1 we have a Beta function. I've enabled it, but how do I read the result?

Do we have the same function as on Nebula, if it's not longer beta?

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  • Zyxel_Nathan
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    Dear Mario,

    Good day!
    Regarding the Wireless Health function in the ATP, it’s similar to Nebula’s, the difference is only on the chart display.

    In the ATP, the Wireless Health shows Radio Alert Count and Station Alert Count with Bar Chart.

    For example, in your screenshot, the chart above refers to Radio Alert Count, it represents the 2.4G of the AP-8 has some alert counts around 7 to 8AM on Nov. 5th.
    And the chart below shows how many times the client (28:16…) is in a poor signal state.

    For more details, you may refer to the ATP user’s manual, start from page 211 about Wireless Health.

    In Nebula, it illustrates AP Radio Health and Client (Station) Wireless Health with Scatter Chart. Here are some examples:


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  • Mario
    Mario Posts: 90  Ally Member
    Hi Nathan
    Thanks for your reply. Since it's in beta state, I hope to get also an Scatter Chart on the ATP.
    Currently, for me, this is just a "bad wireless" list and not a "Wireless Health" overview.
    The nebula approach is perfect for presenting a complicated starting point in a simple and understandable way.
    I hope you can submit this feedback to product dev.
    Thanks Mario

  • Zyxel_Nathan
    Zyxel_Nathan Posts: 38  Zyxel Employee
    Hi Mario,

    We will put this feedback for evaluation internally in our future improvement.

    Thank you for your suggestion.


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