NAP102 keeps loosing WIFI connection to all clients

Multiple times per day I see my Google Nest and HEOS speaker simultanouosly flash up that they lost WIFI tot my NAP102. When I check the Nebula app I see that no clients are connected anymore (while 6 devices are within 3 meters of my accesspoint). Some have then swiched over to another NAP102 but others can't connect at all. My iphone sees the SSID but when I press connect it states that it can't connect. I have no DCS schedule on my radio or ssid and DCS interval=720. 

Often the connection restores after 10+ minutes. Today it already takes over 30 minutes and only restored after I rebooted the device. The event log states every few minutes: 

2021-11-11 21:27:19AP Kantoor2Wireless LANStation: 30:fd:38:99:2a:c6 has deauth by STA Leave(L2UPFrame) on Channel: 44, SSID: Elbertse 5.0, 5GHz, Signal: -46dBm, Tx/Rx: 0/0 Bytes. reason 3, Interface:wlan-2-3
2021-11-11 21:27:18AP Kantoor2Wireless LANStation: 30:fd:38:99:2a:c6 has authorized on Channel: 44, SSID: Elbertse 5.0, 5GHz. Interface:wlan-2-3
2021-11-11 21:27:18AP Kantoor2Wireless LANStation: 30:fd:38:99:2a:c6 has associated on Channel: 44, SSID: Elbertse 5.0, 5GHz, Signal: -46dBm. Interface:wlan-2-3     

I'm having this issue for a long time (years) and expect that it happens on all my devices. However on in my office it is the most obvious. At most other locations in my house there is a second AP closeby for devices to connect to and some device there automatically switch to the 3G network if wifi fails. I exchanged the NAP102 in the office once with one of the other devices and still see the same issue.

Can anybody help me to resolve this issue. 

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  • Zyxel_Bella
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    Hi @RobertElbertse


    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    It looks like the connection issue often happens in the office area.

    The signal strength is good in the logs and SSID still can be seen, you mentioned about the symptom exists for more than 10mins so we assume it have chance caused by the interference.

    The AP has some protection and recover mechanism when detects stuck or other condition which will impact service, the devices will be disconnected if the wireless auto recovery mechanism happens.

    We can help to check the details of the AP, please enable the Zyxel support at Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, and provide the Org and Site name for us.


    Thank you.




  • Thanks Bella, much appreciated.

    Please note that the problem is very visible in my home-office but I have similar connectivity issues in other parts of my house also. However, in my home-office I have the most 5.0 devices, which cannot always see the next AP in my house. All 2.4 devices see more than one AP so will switch over. I very often notice that the devices are not connected to the closest (usually less then 5mtr) AP but to an AP on another floor (>10mtr).

    Org: Elbertse
    Site: Schapeweide


  • Zyxel_Bella
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    Hi @RobertElbertse


    Good day!

    The logs “Port 0 is down!” show with high frequency on AP Kantoor2 in the office.

    Can you change a cable or swap the port on switch that the AP is connecting to rule out?


    We checked the power settings that will tell the reason of the event you described.

    Since the power of 2.4GHz almost the same as 5GHz and 2.4GHz has higher penetration so the devices connects to 2.4GHz easily.

    It is recommended to lower the 2.4GHz power than 5GHz for about 5dBm.

    Monitor if the situation gets better or not. Thank you





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