DHCP CSV IMPORT on USG flex 500 (V5.10(ABUJ.0))

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The DHCP table has an import button to upload a csv file with IP addresses and the corresponding mac addresses to create dhcp reservations.

After fiddling around this for 2 hours.... I conclude it does not work??

IP address, mac address, description (less then 16 chars a-z,A-Z,0-9, - and _ )

Is there anyone able to use this feature? What is the magic trick?


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    Hi @JohnK,

    Welcome to Zyxel community.  =)
    The format as below,
    IP Address,MAC Address,Description,00:1E:33:28:4E:F5,test
    Attached file for your reference.

  • JohnK
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    ell, it wasn't me ;-) There is a bug, and it is reproducable by your techs. They are working on it...
    The import feature seems to have a flaw...

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