How to add hostnames to static dhcp reservations on USG Flex 500


All devices where I configured a static address for are not showing their hostnames anymore when consulting the DHCP table. Why are all hostnames set to "none", and what can I do about that?

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    Hi @JohnK
    Title and post matched are a bit confusing.
    The devices with "none" into the hostname... have static ip addresses configured into the device's TCP/IP Stack or are object of a reservation on DHCP server on your USGFlex 500?

    If it's the second one, you can:
    • add a commend into the DHCP table for explaining what/who the macaddresses are
    • add a DNS entry into the table at Configuration -> System -> DNS -> Address/PTR Record. Into this section not only a PTR/A record can be added, but moreover, CNAME and some other things.
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    well, it are dhcp reservations. So if I create PTR/A records, the will show their hostname instead of none in the dhcp table? I'll test that right away ;-)


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