SBG 5500 L2TP over IPSEC

i setup the VPN on my windows server, forward the ports 1701 1723 and 500
but the server says that VPN connection cannot be completed because of probably missing GRE
i have not found any GRE settings on the firewall or port forwarding rules. on old Zywall 5 firewall it used to be a special service called PPTP_TUNNEL(GRE:0) but nothing on the SBG 5500
any ideas how can i make the VPN work behind this SBG 5500
i really need the AD auth and the device is apparently not able to auth against an AD server so i cannot terminate the VPN on the device itself.

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  • theruck
    theruck Posts: 3
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    ok so the services are called PPTP adn PPTP_TUNNEL for GRE
    so to make it work fror PPTP VPN on windows just the port forward of TCP 1723 and Firewall rule to allow PPTP service is needed

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