Windows 10 Secuextender 4.0.4 cannot connect to USG110

kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
Hi, anybody can help me ? On one notebook with Win10 now Secuextender cannot connect fo our server. Secuextender and Tap client is enabled and installed.
I think it will be Win10 problem ...
on log is :
SecuextenderHelper.log :
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] Request(88): REMOVE 0/2873532501 15 4294967295 4294967295
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] Remove Routing
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] Remove prioritize routing
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] Get netsh path = powershell
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] ia is null
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] Failed to read from client(2): 109, 0
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] Start to Disconnect pipe...
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Helper] Shutting down a pipe connection instance...

SecuExtender.log (QQQ i change for security):
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:37 ][SecuExtender Agent][INFO]    [VPN_QQQ] try to login qqq.qqq:40801
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:37 ][SecuExtender Agent][INFO]    Connect to 1436567211:40801
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   Cannot connect to device. 10060 (0x274c)
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   Connect socket failed. (0x0)
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   Failed to connect to device(1) (0x0)
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Agent][ERROR]   user login device failed (0x0)
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Agent][DEBUG]   SSL Connection is going to be closed
[ 2021/12/15 17:51:58 ][SecuExtender Agent][DETAIL]  Connection ends.

On debug log USG110 i cannot seen anything for this connection try.

FW USG110: V4.65(AAPH.1)ITS-WK32-r101108
Thanks for help !!

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  • Zyxel_Emily
    Zyxel_Emily Posts: 911  Zyxel Employee
    edited December 2021 Answer ✓
    When creating an address group object, you have to select the address type for it. That is, one address group object contains one address type only. 

  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
    Answer ✓
    Thank you, is it possible to set access to USG for Geography object Czechia + foreign IP address? How? Thanks for help! I add images for better explanation ...

  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
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    Hi, I created new security policy, where is the restriction on IP adress.
    So we have (for example) Policy 1 to Czech (Destination etc) and now Policy 2 (to IP adress from foreign country) ... Thanks for help !

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  • Asgatlat
    Asgatlat Posts: 74  Ally Member
    hi @kyssling i have zywall 110 (V4.70) and SecuExtender 4.0.4 and windows 10 pro 21H2 and it works for me
    which version of Windows 10 do you have on your notebook?
  • USG_User
    USG_User Posts: 318  Master Member
    SecuExtender 4.0.4 is running fine under W10, also under 21H2 fully updated.
    Since your log is showing socket errors I would recommend to uninstall followed by a reinstallation of SecuExtender. Take care that you install it under full Administrator Account, not only "run as Administrator".
  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
    Hi thanks for tips i try reinstall and write result ...
  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
    So now is everthing OK without reinstall. It was my mistake, colleague was abroad, i adding new geolocation from "Austria" on security policy. But after new FW I must Add Wiz_SSLVPN_Trusted_GEOIP_1 too ... But i dont see on Log any Blocked info ...

    Anybody knew if is possible ADD only IP address from abroad ? If i knew for example public IP, i adding only this IP and Geolocation on this UP still blocked ?

  • jasailafan
    jasailafan Posts: 159  Master Member
    Try to add a new policy, allow the IP address from abroad, and set the priority higher than the Geolocation one.
  • mMontana
    mMontana Posts: 768  Guru Member
    Otherwise consider to create a group with GeoIP and Public IP addresses
  • kyssling
    kyssling Posts: 94  Ally Member
    mMontana said:
    Otherwise consider to create a group with GeoIP and Public IP addresses
    Is this possible create type of group with where I can add geography and IP adress ? When i create new group with type "Geography" i can add only geography items. When i crete new group with adress type i can add only IP types ...

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