What actually means "Concurrent Devices"

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For example USG60 has maximum concurrent devices limit 128. Which Devices are calculated to that limit? Is it all devices which are connected to lan network? In user guide it says "Concurrent Devices upgrade license is a license for the number of users that can log in and use the hotspot at one time" is this related to USG60 devices limit altough I suppose it does not even have hotspot features?

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  • Miky
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    what means "that connected to LAN or WAN network with Account/Password" ?

    I will purchase the USG FLEX 100 for my Home.
    I don't use Domain Login but have a lot of devices (70)
    All my devices stay always connected to LAN but only 5 have significant traffic.

    For example:
    Counts my macbook, NAS, cams, smarthome device etc., connected to LAN, to access local devices and the internet as concurrent devices?

    Please let me know if i have enough with the mentioned model.
    Thank You
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    Hi @Miky
    "that connected to LAN or WAN network with Account/Password" means if you deployed the authentication feature (e.g web authentication)  for those users before they can connect to the network, there will be a number limitation. However, if you merely use dhcp for your lan devices without authentication, it won't be limited by "128"

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