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Hello, I have new root domain certificate for next year. When I try to import it (pfx), I get an error: "PKI Certificate already exist". When I delete original certificate (where will expires) I still can't import - the same message ... Does the router have to be restarted? Or where is the mistake please ... Thank you ...

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  • kyssling
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    Problem solved, maybe somebody help this tip : only this need when export PFX.After this can import to USG without problem.

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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @kyssling
    You may try 3rd party certificate tool to easy control your certificates.(e.g. XCA.exe)
    Import all of your certificates to software first.

    (1) Export Root and Intermediate certificates, and import to Trusted Certificates
    (2) Export server certificate with private key(PKCS#12), and then import certificate to My Certificates.

  • kyssling
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    Thanks for the tip, I have the same problem with XCA. I have created a PFX just like last year, when I import it there is an error in the attachment. In log: The importing certificate Domenovy2022.pfx is duplicate with postsignum_vca5_sub.cer.

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