Old USG-20 (FW 3.30 latest version) Inet access issue

Hi everyone.
I'm new on Zyxell products and i wonder if anyone can support me to understand how to configure the FW in order to give access to inet once connected with a FTTH router device.

I made a factory reset on device and connected the WAN FW port to the FTTH router.
by default the FW WAN port is on DHCP and it get his IP to the ISP router correctly.

My test laptop is the connected to LAN1 FW port as well by default with active DHCP.

Laptop get correctly his IP from FW

Browsing internet is not possible as it report blank page or DNS error

I noticed that on Network - Interface panel, the WAN has a "subfoloder" WAN PPPoe 
that probably is related to old modem with user/psw  while my FTTH device is permanently connected and then no need of any "dialing"

Can someone guide me to troubleshoot it please?


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    thank's for answering.
    testing your suggestion i found the problem (at least i suppose as it now work).
    WAN port get his IP from FTTH router in IP call 192.168.1.x
    in fact it got the with the gateway

    this gateway IP is strangely set as default config as well to LAN1 

    My test laptop was connected to LAN2 using a 192.168.2.x IP.

    Pinging from Laptop the FTTH router ( the responce was again from FW (LAN1).
    That's why the inet surfing was not working.

    By moving the LAN1 IP from 192.168.1.x to  immediatly the PING to (FTTH router) was working and inet available.

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    The thing you have to discover is how is your Internet connection set up: PPPoE, routing, or natting.

    Can you ping FW? Can you ping FTTH router? Can you ping

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