DNS Resolution over Site-to-Site VPN

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I have an USG110 device which I use to interconnect office network with AWS VPC Network. Following the configuration file given from AWS and the guides from Zyxel Documentation the traffic was not flowing apart from gateway to gateway.

I created a Static Route and the traffic started flowing, however if I want to use VPC Hostnames as endpoints to use from Office Networks, this is not working as USG is always routing DNS Requests to Main DNS Server rather then the one I created on DNS Forwarder Tab.

How can I route certain domain ( *.example.com)  DNS queries to tunnel instead to WAN ?

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  • jasailafan
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    On usg, add a domain zone forwarder and set private dns server. On AWS, a policy route to usg's vti interface needs to be configured, I guess. 

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