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I have been trying out Device Insight on a USG20-VPN (FLEX 50 now) for the past few weeks.  It seemed OK until a recent power outage.  After restoring power many device received new IP addresses through DHCP, but the Device Insight page under Monitor still shows the old IP addresses.  Am I being too impatient (it's been 2 days)?  Is there a way to force a refresh of the Device Insight list?

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  • Loek
    Loek Posts: 5  Freshman Member
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    Issue is resolved.  Apparently the problem was caused by Nest camera(s).  They report an incorrect IP address after power outage.  Doing a hard reset of the network on the camera device itself resolved the issue.

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    Hi @Loek,
    I cannot see this issue in lab test. Can you please provide device web gui access in PM for further checking.

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