Propper IGMP setup for home network - USG40, GS1920

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I have a USG40 and GS1920. I am told by a device mfg (Bluesound) to enable IGMP support.

1.) is this generally a good idea/best practice? any downside? Security?

2.) if yes to 1.) how to do it.
I have to Ethernet config's. One for the internal network and one for the CableModem. I am assuming I only would enable for the internal config?

There is a checkbox, which I would check. But then there is a a radio button for upstream or downstream. Which one to pick and why?

there is a IGMP Snooping checkbox, but lots of more settings. What is appropriate?

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  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @tesagig

    The CableModem should offered by your ISP and it should include multicast stream too.
    So you can connect USG40 WAN interface to CableModem and make sure IGMP upstream function is enabled.

    For Intranet, the IGMP Downstream should enabled on all of your LAN interface(s).

    On GS1920, you can enable IGMP Snooping for your intranet. Then all of clients connect to switch should able to receive IGMP streaming without problem.

  • tesagig
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    thank you! assuming there is no additional security risk?
  • Zyxel_Stanley
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    Hi @tesagig
    USG40 default configuration already include security policies.
    The default rule only allows specific(VPN) service from Internet to USG40. It doesn't allow traffic from Internet to Intranet. So you can keep in default setting for general usage.

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