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Ok I have had my NAS for a long, my Wife wants me to download all our photo's to external drive and drop into a fireproof safe.  How can I do this. Can't seem to find a way to just copy the photo folder and paste it onto a external drive. I've put this off for years do to this reason.  I just need to get it done. Can someone please point me to instructions. Thank you all for your time. 

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    What goes wrong when you just copy&paste it?
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    I will send you some screen shots.  Maybe it's due to me using a web browser interface.  I log into it by using 168.192.*.*.    when i use the network NAS finder from Zyxel website it can not find it. I got a couple ideas on that. I use EERo routers.  I can plug both pc and Nas into same EERO.  Mijzelf thank you for helping, you may be my only hope.  I can't find any support # for them. 
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    Ok, i put it on the same router and it see's it now but won't let me into the apps there.  How can i get to just the plain jane folder files. So i can grab entire photo folder and copy and paste.  1st pic is error I get when trying to access nas in the seeker program on windows.  2nd pic shows what i have available through the webclient.
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    Hi @Feisty,

    You can map network drive on your Windows PC.

    You can use File Explorer on Windows to map the network drive.  

    Follow the steps below to get File Explorer open and map the drive:

    1. Press the Windows logo key nas---map-drive-windows001png + E.
    2. Select "This PC" from the left pane. Then, on the Computer tab, select Map network drive. nas---map-drive-windows002pngnas---map-drive-windows001png
    3. Select a drive letter.
    4. In the "Folder" box, type the path of the folder or computer, or select Browse to find the folder or computer. To connect every time, you log in to your PC, select the "Reconnect at sign-in" check box. ex: typing "\\<NAS_IP_or_Hostname>\admin" will map the admin folder located on the NAS)
    5. Select Finish.
    6. Provide user credential.
    7. Select OK.  If the provided credentials are correct the drive will be mounted.

    After map the device on Windows PC, you access the disk and directly do copy&paste it.
  • Feisty
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    Ok, its been a while, I tried this. It maps it but I do a search for all pics and it does find some I can find in the folder tree, but not my family photos. When i go into zyxels file browser i can find all my files but it only lets you download one at a time. I've go 10 years of photos, thousands. 
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    Seeing that, it looks to me as if you mapped the 'admin' share on the NAS to Z, while you want the photo share.
    Try to enter \\\photo in the address bar of Explorer.
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    Jerry's solution to add/map/pin network shares to Windows Explorer Quick Access is the easiest method to access any share. Personally I use it to access my media shares directly.
    Follow Mijzelf's advice and map the "photos" share instead of the admin share.

    BTW, log on to the NAS and edit the share permissions of the photo share.  Change the permissions of the user "pc-guest" under "shared folder access" to read only or read/write access.
    The photos share is now accessible without entering a password.
    When you're done downloading, change share permissions to default.


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