Gs1900-24E and NetGate SG1100 - VLAN Configuration Issues

rsanda72 Posts: 2
I cannot seem to properly get VLAN connectivity between new VLAN creation on Zyxel switch and pfsense VLAN.

All is working properly when using default VLAN1.  When I create new VLAN according to Zyxel documentation and videos and perform necessary VLAN creation of pfsense and all rules, I cannot seem to get desired VLAN ID IP address

I cannot simply seem to be able to pass VLANID to pfsense to get IP address from DHCP Server on VLAN103 on pfsense router.

Please help.

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  • PeterUK
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    So port 23 connects to the NetGate? You seem to have exclude all ports for VLAN 103 and then have port 23 untagged? You need port 23 tagged then some ports untagged with PVID103 and forbidden ports on VLAN1.

    Have port 24 PVID 1 and untagged so you can config the switch to not get locked out.

    And you wishing to change the switch Management IP Address and VID to 103?

  • rsanda72
    rsanda72 Posts: 2
    Port 1 on switch is connected to the router and Port 23 is where the PC connects to.   I have excluded all ports but port 23 on VLAN103 as untagged and on VLAN1 - I have port 23 tagged.  
  • PeterUK
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    So for VLAN 103 you need port 1 tagged