Test (GS1920-24) Device

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we are starting with Nebula Cloud control and recently we got a (GS1920-24) switch for testing.

we wish to enable SNMP on this device, but we cant seem to find the settings on the nebula cloud platform.

I assume its on the device itself, so we see the IP, and try to log in with the default admin password (admin/1234) but it does not work.

so what would be the best way to get this device working with SNMP and nebula Control center?

How do we change the admin pwd from the nebula control center? is it possible? Maybe just enable SNMP from the Nebula Control Center for this switch?

Any help would be appreciated.

Accepted Solution

  • Zyxel_Chris
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    Once the device connects to Nebula it will use the credential from the cloud.
    You can find the password and the SNMP in Site-wide> General settings.

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