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VPN300 V5.30(ABFC.0)

I have setup a LAG bridge between LAG0 and LAG1 because I can and on LAG1 I limit egress to 92160Kbps and this works fine just so you know, but this is the bit I don't get you normally LAG two or more ports to get more speed (if say your ISP gives you 1.5Gb) but you can't seem to set the LAG speed limits higher then 1048576Kbps so you will never go faster than 1Gb no matter how many ports you LAG? So shouldn't the LAG take the number of ports say two and set the limit upto 2097152Kbps.

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    It seems a current limitation for this scenario. The bandwidth won't be increased.
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    This also seems to apply to USG Flex 500 5.3 firmware, however it can also be set to 0, which may be a workaround to possibly allow higher speeds.
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    Nope 0 really means 0 just tested if you really need to limit at 1.2Gb say then the LAG needs to add up the ports to a new total limit any one port will still be limited to 1048576Kbps.
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    Hi @PeterUK

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The below is our description of User guide.

    It’s a current insufficient design on the LAG interface egress bandwidth setting, we will evaluate how this part can be improved in the future.

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  • PeterUK
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    So the only use for LAG is redundancy.

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    Hi @PeterUK
    Well...not only for redundancy but also the aggregated tput will still be larger than 1 port.  Thanks for your feedback about this. 
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    No it will still be 1048576Kbps (1Gb) traffic will not go faster then that out of any one port.

    Say the LAG hashs two sets of traffic that can go at say 700Mb each out of each port of the lag that can't happen the best that can happen is 500Mb (less with overhead) out each port because the LAG limit is 1048576Kbps (1Gb).

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