Zyxel has released a new firmware ZLD V5.30 to patch the latest vulnerability CVE-2022-30525Zyxel ha

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I have looked through all of this and I can't find where the download is.  I remember this from my last firewall but I don't remember the details. 

(here's my excuse...just had surgery yesterday & last night didn't sleep well....comprehension may be compromised :-:smile: )

Somehow I seem to be not seeing what to do to patch this system.

Thanks for any help and stay safe & stay well!

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  • PeterUK
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  • Lost1
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    Thanks for your help but I'm already on 5.30(ABWC.0).  For some reason I was thinking this was like an update that I did years ago with my old USG 20w that was a little more of an update than the regular firmware.  I think I am good (or my 100w is).

    I was thinking this update was more than a regular firmware update and I guess I just read more into this than there was!

    Thanks for your assistance & stay safe and stay well!

  • Zyxel_Jeff
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    Hi @Lost1

    As @PeterUK mentioned that you can download the 5.30 FW on the Myzyxel website to fix the CVE-2022-30525.
    Security Advisory
    Myzyxel firmware download link

  • Lost1
    Lost1 Posts: 7
    Thanks!  Mine was already updated....I think there was some confusion in my brain from surgery medication!  I read a lot more into it for some reason and thought is was a different type of update!?

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