Zyxel 110 Unexpected Reboot - Triggered by RDP connection via L2TP VPN

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We have two domain controllers on premise which we usually connect to via RDP. So in order to access that anywhere outside our office network we also have L2TP VPN on our Zywall 110. This set up works on our old firewall (Zywall 110) but not on the new one that we got recently which is exactly the same model.

On the new firewall (Zywall 110) whenever we connect to the L2TP VPN - we can access the firewall management portal without any issues. However, when it is time to connect to our ADs via RDP our new firewall just reboots. The LEDs flashes / blinks constantly for sometime. Whatever connection we have established over L2TP VPN just suddenly stops as well. ICMP to the firewall interface unreachable.

Any ideas what's happening? We tried the latest firmware 4.71 and the same firmware our old firewall is running on which is 4.25 - the results are the same. RDP over L2TP VPN triggers unexpected reboot. Again, we never encounter anything like this on our old firewall.

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    Sounds like an acceptable case of RMA, but you may have to consult with your dealership first.
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    Hi @EMV,
    We received the ticket about this issue from eITS. 
    Please Kindly serve kernel debug log to us by eITS. 
    Thank you

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