Modify clients DHCP options in discover/request through DAI

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    The request is a subnet directed broadcast and is addressed to UDP port 67. A limited IP broadcast is addressed to IP address and is not forwarded by the Ruckus Layer 3 switch or other IP routers. When the BOOTP or DHCP client and server are on the same network, the server receives the broadcast request and replies to the client. However, when the client and server are on different networks, the server does not receive the client request, because the Layer 3 switch does not forward the request.
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    I know all that mate you don't get what I'm asking to be done here.

    When DHCP goes through the switch with DAI you can inject option 82 to the packet, I wish to make all discover/request in such a way that they are all the same options even if the client did not ask them the reason for me wanting this is my ISP can give a different IP by the same MAC because of different DHCP options mostly if it has a short list of options.