VMG4927-B50A random resets

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This DSL modem configured in dual dsl mode (fed by 2 different DSL connections) to provide me 30Mb down x 4Mb up. However, it randomly will reset - according to the isp this is due to the download speed exceeding the 30Mb bandwidth. I have thoroughly checked all computers behind the modem and all are clean (virus, malware, rootkits, etc.) My background tells me this is a crock but it doesn't stop the resets - which take anywhere from 5 - 10 minutes for the modem to restore internet access - which is intolerable as I work from home on voip via vpn all day (some resets have occurred when all computers have been fully powered OFF). Any ideas, suggestion or help appreciated - isp don't have a clue and keep pointing the finger at me.

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  • HouliCrab
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    Hi Sir, not sure what is "reset" you mentioned, does it means the VMG4927 is keeping reset? However, it seems affecting your usage, I suggest you can contact your ISP again and provide them more detail about the issue which you are encountering, such like your firmware version, configuration, topology, etc..