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Dear Zyxel community.

I understand that each room has its unique specificities, so a generic answer might not apply to my personal configuration, but when designing your access points, would you say they are optimized for a horizontal position (fixed on the ceiling), vertical position (fixed on the wall) or both ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advise.

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    Hi there,

    APs are optimized for a horizontal position, it means APs are fixed on the ceiling. Please place the AP outside the ceiling. If needs to put AP inside the ceiling, make sure the front of APs is facing to the service area (usually down). Remember to avoid the metal material for interference such as cable tray, ventilation pipe, etc.


    You also can fixed on the wall as well, in this case, please pay attention on the light of sight.

    FYI, Zyxel have some APs with Switchable Antenna as WAC6103D-I, WAX510D, WAX610D that allow users to adjust the antenna pattern to avoid interference across floors. In case, it is inconvenient to fix APs on your ceiling, you can consult these models to get the best Wi-fi performance.

    There is Zyxel Smart Antenna that can automatically optimize its radio pattern for each wireless client. In the environment where clients are moving, AP can always concentrate the signal for each client when transmitting. In the environment where clients are at fixed position, APs can find the best radio pattern to avoid interference each other.

    To know more about the AP model with Smart Antenna or other feature, please go to this link


    Related to AP deployment selection, you also can use this post as reference [Nebula] How to optimize wireless performance with Deployment selection and Maximum output power? — Zyxel Community

    Click this link to start:


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    APs are optimized for a horizontal position, it means APs are fixed on the ceiling.

    Here I read I should ideally put the AP on the ceiling. Which usually means facing down. Ok, got it.

    Please place the AP outside the ceiling.
    But then you wrote they should not be placed on the ceiling. Or what do you mean with "outside the ceiling"? From wording I would say (not a native English speaker) an AP can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. But what do you mean with "outside" and "inside"?

    Sorry, for me this is confusing. Can you elaborate this?

    Thanks a lot!


  • The way Rodukas explained this is a bit confusing .  But, what is meant by "outside" the ceiling means attached it on the ceiling like a smoke detector (on the sheet rock).  Not under the sheet rock or ceiling tiles, so it is not visible when you look up.  In large office building, some requirements might be to place the AP under a ceiling tile (foam board) because there is not sheet rock, like in a house where you can attach it with screws.  I hope this helps.