Firmware V5.17(ABWW.4) or V5.15(ABWW.0) needed for Zyxel AX7501-B0

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I have the AX7501-B0 but i see the Firmware Version is V5.17(ABPC.2.1)D0

There is an updated version V5.17(ABPC.3)C0 to patch some vulnerabilites.

but still can't find that download link.

Looking for firmware V5.17(ABWW.4) or V5.17(ABWW.0)Per BBF.247 Certification,

I would need the supported firmware version download links

I have search through Zylex website and no way to download this firmware.

+SFP is PM7000-01

Looking forward to a solution

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    Hi there

    it seems the firmware on your AX7501 is a customized version, which is managed by the ISP.

    It can't be upgrade the customized firmware to the other FW version.

    You might need to check with your ISP.


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    The AX7501-BO I purchased was sold by a distributor, not an ISP. I fully own the device and would like to install any official supported firmware needed without being tied to an ISP.

    The device has no functionality locked down, and I have full access to make changes to the broadband configs, routing tables, and upload a firmware binary file.

    I am concerned about vulnerabilities and would appreciate a publicly available firmware download link for an update. I am having difficulty finding the link on the Zyxel website and would appreciate any guidance on where to find it or who to contact, as the available contact links say to contact your ISP provider, which does not apply to me.