Sandbox false positive .NET 6.0.1 & 7.0.5 Update


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  • Zyxel_Jeff
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    Dear @Dexta and @jurusam

    Here are some questions, we would like to confirm with you:

    (1). How you performed the .NET update? Did the OS perform it in the background automatically or did you navigate to the Windows Update website to download the patch file?

    (2). Do you still reserve the patch file? If so, could you provide it to us for further investigation?

    (3). If you have the Nebula org site and SecuReporter, could you enable Zyxel support and add our support account to SecuReporter's org then let us check the log message?

    We will send a private message to you later, please check your e-mail inbox. Many thanks for your assistance in advance😃.

  • Dexta
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    Dear @Zyxel_Jeff

    Regarding your questions:
    1) It happens when the OS tries to download it in the background as part of windows update.
    2) No, but I do also not know where windows update stores the files or how long they hold it before deletion.
    3) Yes, we can do that.

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