How Do I do to connect a server at DMZ and post it with an public IP


I configured my dmz sub net
the dmz ip is
i have connected a server
i have tested some routes and they have worked….,
but I need to assign a Public IP to the server and access it from out of the office, includding ports as: ftp, rdp, http, y sql, Please if you can help me, thank you

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  • PeterUK
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    Well theirs a way to have the server have the real WAN IP even if you have one but for a simple setup the USG has your WAN IP and you can make NAT rule that are Virtual Server for the ports to your DMZ LAN server IP

  • dirodiro
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    in fact, in this case, the WAN ip is different to the Server on DMZ, .. I already made NAT with external ip as the public and internal, I already made the policy with from, to and destination (my server)

    and it does not work yet

  • WJS
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    Sounds like you have public IP on DMZ.

    Try to change type if you use pre-defined DMZ name.

    Router(config)# interface dmz
    Router(config-if-dmz)#type external

    And exit, save .

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