How do I apply policies to active directory groups


I already connect the AD with Zyxel USG100flex, my VPN work OK with AD users, but I am trying with policies (web filter and application control) to groups of the AD but it does not work, if you can help me,

(sorry for my english, I speak spanish)

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  • Zyxel_Emily
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    Hi @dirodiro,

    Do you want to apply ext-group-user and CF to the security policy rule just like the following setting?

    If you'd like to add user to the security policy, you also need to enable web authentication and add AD to the default Authentication Method.

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  • dirodiro

    thanks Emily, I think I was missing the web authentication configuration, I already applied it..., but I have the following: if I don't connect with any firewall user I don't surf the internet... That would be great if anyone who connects to a point network does not navigate but authenticates, but it is authentication with the AD, This still does not work, because what I really need is the following: In the AD I have groups (GroupA, GroupB and GroupC), GroupC is the most restricted , then I created a profile for each group, then I made the policy, that each user navigates according to his profile in the AD...,
    take a look to my settings:

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