Trouble with ARP Tables over SNMP

Thysmith Posts: 15  Freshman Member
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Hi There,

We are currently using software to map out our clients networks and look for issues. Currently we are running into an issue, and support says that ARP tables are not available over SNMP with the Zyxel USG models. 

I am assuming this is a long shot, but wanted to make sure there wasn't something I might be missing in the possibility of enabling that or finding a workaround. 

Thanks for any help! 

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  • Alfonso
    Alfonso Posts: 257  Master Member
    HI @Thysmith

    Try to execute from a linux server

    $ snmpwalk -v2c -c <community> <SwitchIP> .

    It should give the information you are looking for.

  • Thysmith
    Thysmith Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    Hey @Alfonso!

    Thanks for the quick response. Just running a temporary test from a Windows Machine with snmpwalk installed (which is questionable at best) I am getting a "No Such Object Available on this agent at this OID" Error. This appears to be inline with what our software provider is saying

  • Alfonso
    Alfonso Posts: 257  Master Member
    Iif it is not implemented, it should be.

    Maybe this thread should be moved to Idea forum.
  • Thysmith
    Thysmith Posts: 15  Freshman Member
    Yeah this is a real shame, I will post in the idea forum.

    Thanks for your help, If anyone else has further info please let me know. 
  • Line2
    Line2 Posts: 40  Freshman Member
    I can also support this feature request. The possibility to read by SNMP the switch forwarding db and the LLDP neighbours
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