Zyxel gs1910-24HP v2

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i recently got my hands on this older model great for my home network with the POE functionality but the issue i am running into is that i like to configure this switch and i cant find the right documentation for the version i have.

i can find the manual for V1.0 but the software on this switch is V2.00(AAAY.0)C0 and i cant seem to find the right documentation for this software and the difference in the software layout is enough for me to get confused by the V1.0 documentation and the actual firmware installed on it.

can some maby give a link to the V2 manual.

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    Hi @DarkSeplep ,

    Unfortunately, a manual specifically for the GS1910-24HP V2 is not available. However, we can offer you a document detailing the V2 GUI enhancements. This resource may guide you through the necessary configurations.

    Please be aware that the GS1910-24HP model has reached its EOL status. For optimal performance and support, we recommend exploring our current switch offerings here: Switch | Zyxel Networks

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