Apple devices can't connect to NWA50AX ssid configured with VLAN

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I just installed 2 NWA50AX APs as a smart mesh.

One is connected via an Ethernet backhaul using 2 ZyXel PLA6456 power line Ethernet adapters.

The internet gateway is a Comcast cable modem/router made by Arris.

I set up 5 SSIDs on my APs, each on it's own VLAN. One of the SSIDs is set up with VLAN number 5 for my kids iPad and Nintendo switch. Another is intended for IOT devices like cameras, Google Nest thermostats, garage door keypads, etc. 2 more are for isolating company laptops my wife and I work from home on.

Apple devices work fine when the VLAN number is set to 1 like the primary SSID, but fails to get an IP address when the VLAN number is set to any other number. However, my Windows laptop from work is fine connecting to an SSID with the VLAN number 2.

Any ideas for me?

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  • el_ingeniero

    Update: actually, no devices are able to talk on any VLAN except 1. Obviously don't know what I'm doing.

  • StefanZ
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    Is your router capable of handling VLANs correctly?

    Most consumer grade modems are not – at least not on the LAN side.

    To make VLAN work you will at least need some switch to handle them.

    I have a NWA50AX here at home and use one VLAN to connect into a remote location via a VPN on my Zyxel firewall. I have 2 more VLAN on that device. One "general" that connects into that LAN/to the Zywall and one for guests that just provides WAN access, but is L2-isolated from the rest.

    VLAN can be a bit tricky to understand at first, especially when you are mixing devices from multiple vendors.

    Important detail: End devices like laptops or phones usually do not support the concept of VLAN at all.
    It all has to be decided / handled by your network appliances.

  • Zyxel_Nami
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    Hi @el_ingeniero

    Let's confirm the issue where no devices can connect to the SSIDs assigned to non-VLAN 1. The problem seems to stem from potentially incorrect VLAN configurations, which could be causing the connectivity issues you're facing.

    To troubleshoot, please first verify if your modem/router supports VLANs and is appropriately configured for the VLANs in use as StefanZ suggested. If your modem/router lacks VLAN support, integrating a VLAN-capable router/layer 3 switch/gateway into your network setup will be necessary to manage the VLANs correctly.

    Zyxel Nami