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Hello there,

I have a problem with windows updates because of firewall categories - it used to work with Bussines and Software/hardware option enabled, right now its not enough. I tried to enabled all categories for test purposes and updates worked after that. I would like to skip testing by enabling categories one by one, so have you guys any tips which category is additionally responsible for blocked windows updates.

Thank you in advance

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    Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question, but I would like to suggest adding more information about your configuration, just in case it increases the chance someone will be able to help you find a solution. For example, knowing which Zyxel device (model & firmware version) you are using might make a difference to anyone wanting to help you find any working solutions.

    I have read some web pages from Microsoft support and learning forums regarding Windows Update and ports to allow through firewalls. Several Windows Update server pages/sites do not have static addresses, so a working solution would have to include using URL addresses instead of IP addresses, as well as firewall support for address wildcards (asterisks, * ).

    I can only wish you best of luck with your efforts and in getting help from other forum members.

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    It is USG FLEX 500

    Firmware Version


    Thanks, i tried those URL sites ( all of them were included in mentioned categories ) and still not succesfull :/

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    I'd like to use APP patrol instead. Here is App category named: Windows upgrade.

    or follow PeterUK instruction setup blocklist on CF lists

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