From Wires to Wi-Fi: How is Your Network Designed?

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Greetings, Zyxel Community!

Are you eager to share your networking story with fellow enthusiasts but haven't found the right place? Look no further than our “From Wires to Wi-Fi: How is Your Network Designed?" activity! Share your experiences and insights for a chance to [win a spectacular NWA50AX Pro WiFi 6 Access Point.]

By sharing your experiences, you not only highlight your achievements but also contribute valuable insights that can help others in our community. It's a fantastic way to give back, gain visibility, and connect with fellow Zyxel enthusiasts.

How to share?

Share your network setup story in this post, including your Zyxel devices (model names) and the setup photos.

Activity Details:

  • Duration: Now until 09:00, June 30 July 31, 2024 (UTC+0)
  • Platform: Below this post

The Prize Awaits:

The top 3 most inspired stories will win a [spectacular NWA50AX PRO WiFi 6 Access Point], setting new standards in their network wizardry!

Let's make this activity an epic networking adventure and raise the bar for networking excellence. Your story could be the spark that ignites a networking revolution!

Selection Criteria:

Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Comprehensiveness: The top priority is given to stories that are comprehensive, providing detailed insights into the network setup.
  2. Number of Likes: The second consideration is the number of likes received. However, posts lacking configuration tips, features, or images but with a high number of likes won't be considered the top inspiring story.

Rules you should know:

  1. Participants must use only one real account. Each account is limited to one entry; duplicate submissions will not be counted.
  2. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Follow the Community guidelines.
  3. Participation implies granting permission to Zyxel to use articles, photos, or videos for commercial usage without further notice.
  4. The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Your stories are a testament to the power of connectivity and innovation. We can't wait to celebrate your achievements and share in the joy of your success.

Looking forward to your inspiring stories!

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  • AlexR
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    It's been a while since I last posted here, but I just saw this activity and couldn’t resist jumping back in. Here’s a look at my current network setup.

    My Current Setup:

    • Security Router: SCR50
    • Switch: GS1915-8EP
    • Access Points: NAP203 and NWA50AX

    I’ve got the NAP203 set up as my main access point (root AP), and the NWA50AX as a repeater in a smart mesh network. This setup gives me great Wi-Fi coverage throughout my house.

    I’m happy to be back and share my setup with everyone. Also get a new AP to replace my NAP203 lol. I’m looking forward to seeing other the amazing network setups out there!

  • PeterN
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    My Current Setup:
    Router: EvoTech FTTH 100
    Security Router: SCR50

    Switch: GS1915-8EP
    Access Points: 2x NWA90AX

  • Bayo
    Bayo Posts: 1
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    I have two NWA50AX access points: one in my living room as the root AP, and the other in the bathroom as a repeater AP. I know it might sound odd to place an access point in the bathroom, but you’ll understand if you've ever been without WiFi while sitting on the toilet. 😅

  • d0ob
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    I had an issue with degraded 4G/LTE connection speed and was not able to work remotely from my countryside. Zyxel FWA710 installed yesterday is a real game changer. Now I'm reaching 160/40 Mbps which is more than enough for Teams/Zoom meetings during the business hours or streaming services after. The management or maintenance via Nebula is a pure pleasure. Now It's time to replace the third party AP to take all advantages of the change made.

  • gordonre
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    The current setup consists of seven switches, three of which are unmanaged and the remaing four consist of three of Zyxel's XGS1250-12 and one XMG1915-10EP managed switches. These are spread across the house and workshop which are divided into three sections. The challenge of wiring this up, took me around 4-years which means using fibre is near impossible as it currently stands. I could however still use fibre between one XGS1250-12 and the XMG1915-10EP since they are co-located. The remaining two XGS1250-12 switches flank this pair on the far side of the house and the workshop.

    Connection speed between all of these are 10Gbps.

    Study (I know it's messy wiring - gets messed up, then tidied up, then messed up again…!)



    The main router is a Draytek Vigor 2862 and four APs. The APs are connected in a mesh network (not the most perfect system as I lose calls between APs). There are three AP960C and one AP903 devices.

    AP Mesh root

    There are some satellite switches at various places. The hope is that I can add another XGS1250-12 in the future.

    Finally at the outside, I have a Teltonika RUTX12 as a LTE connection to the outside world.

    To the outside

  • kyssling
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    Hi, I'm sending a photo of the network Zyxel, as you can see we should upgrade the USG firewall by now (but we'll probably quit as a company) and the modem was once used to set up a remote telephone exchange. Have fun !

  • Arjan
    Arjan Posts: 1
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    Hello from Amsterdam,

    I am sending my set up from downstairs.;-)

    I got 4 NAP 102 which are great, but always looking to improve.

    Arjan van Wijk

  • JoSoT
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    as a MSP professional at our company we user several different types of ZyXEL devices at the company it self and at our customers locations. From Firewalls to switches and a broad spectrum of AccessPoints.

    Being a tech-nerd ofcourse I have a network setup at home that kind of resembles an Office. Why, because I can. But in truth I many use these devices to beter understand the products and create beter solutions for my customers. I can tweak around at home without having to deal with upset customers that don't have internet when I mess up. Creating a home-office network has tought me alot about Nebula and what more is possible.

    Last year I bought a ATP500 (second hand). Pitty there was no license on it anymore, but for home use it is perfect. I added it to my already existing Nebula account and set it up with a ZyXEL NWA50AX pro.

    I work from home 1 or 2 days per week and this setup assures me my private network for me and my wife is seperated from the Office network I created. So there is no way any of my companies data or resourses are in anyway unprotected when I work at home. With seperation of vlan's and security rules in the ATP, I am sure my home is almost as secure as my companies network. On the other hand I am also sure that my private NAS and other devices aren't attacked by anything my company allows in or even my colleage.

    ZyXEL ATP500 mounted to the back wall in the cabinet with the breaker-box.

    Placed central in my home below a wooden staircase (out of sight) the ZyXEL NWA50AX pro is situated.

    It's signal is almost strong enough to supply the ground floor and 1ste floor with a good and stable wifi signal. But since the ceiling/floor is made from reinforced concrete, the signal is weakend and the network speed available is lowered.

    This is why I am realy hoping to be selected for the NWA50AX Pro, so I can expand my network and make it even a better work environment.

    This can also help me understand more about the wifi signal setup and roaming features. In free time, these kind of setups my take as long as I want. So I can realy dig in to the specific stuff. At work and specialy for customers there is always a money/time/resource discussion. So this would help me at home and also make beter solutions for our customers at work.

  • LastViking
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    I leave here some photos of my installation. from the zyxel brand I have a nas326 but I would like to try the AP NWA50AX. My background is not in IT or networks, but this is one of my hobbies. I am extremely happy with the ZyXel NAS. As for the AP, I can only give an opinion if I win it :).


    1 - SMCGS16

    1 - TP-link TL-SG1024

    1 - AP -TP-link EAP245

    1 - AP - TP-link EAP220

    1 - ZyXel NAS326

    1 - Router GR241AG