USG110 Inter VLAN routing (router on a stick)

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Thank you in advance for any input or suggestions. 
Short story, I am a Cisco person and recently purchased ZyXel for home to lower my hardware refresh cost. I am a network person and understand how it works and can configure this setup in my sleep on Cisco hardware. I am totally new to ZyXel and looking for direction to properly configure ZyXel for inter VLAN routing. I have not unboxed my hardware yet because I am still trying to get past my ZyXel learning curve. 

Very basic on Cisco I would create a sub interface (virtual interface in ZyXel) for each VLAN on the router/firewall (ASA). Then enable the connecting trunk port with proper encapsulation and provide the allowed VLANs on the trunk.
I understand tag and untagged on the ZyXel switch, I am needing help with the USG110 and routing between VLANs. 

The basics of my setup:
1 x USG110
2 x GS1920
6 x VLANs

Through documentation my understanding is that the virtual interfaces are only for assigning multiple IP addresses to the same physical WAN interface for example multiple ISPs (in my mind the same thing you are doing on Cisco when creating sub interfaces)    

Indirectly the way I understand the little documentation on this topic for ZyXel, you DO NOT create a virtual interface (sub interface) on the USG110. You only create the VLANs on the USG110 and the switches.
Is this correct?

How is the routing/gateway properly configured without a virtual interface? 
I would think that you would create a virtual interface for each VLAN on given physical interface and this IP is the gateway for the given subnet. Then the virtual interfaces populates the directly connected routing table. 
Am I totally wrong on this thought with ZyXel? 

Thanks again for any help in educating me on this product. I see great potential once I get past my lack of knowledge of this product.     

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    Thank you for the feed back. This is great information and looking forward to learn this hardware platform.  
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    Boa tarde a todos,
    Tenho um zyxell USG40 e estou precisando configurar umas VLANs nele, mas não estou conseguindo, alguém poderia me ajudar por favor ? ja tentei de um tudo e não funciona.
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    Hi @PrimetekIts,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community.  :)

    This forum is only supporting English and Chinese at the moment. Please describe the question in English.

  • kboroumand

    zyman2008 I am configuring sub-interfaces on an a Zyxel ATP200. Is there anyway to do this using one port on my Zyxel instead of separate ports and assigning one vlan to each port, like a router on a stick configuration?

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