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Do I need special GBIC Transceivers for the SFP Ports for my GS2210 switch ?
I have connected two switches via fiber cable using the SFP ports (to expand our LAN), but
there is no network connection between them. In the webinterface I see that there is no activity on the
used SFP port.

Must I enable something in the settings to make a connection between the switches or do I need special GBIC transceivers for the SFP Ports ?

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    Hi @HAL

    Welcome to the Zyxel community!

    For starters, we'd like to confirm if you configure correct port speed on both ends of the optical link. For instance if your transceivers are 1Gbps, you should set port speed in auto-1000M or force in 1000M full-duplex mode to make the link work.

    As for the SFP compatibility issue, only certain models of transceiver are guaranteed and verified working with our switch, you may see below sheet for your reference.

    It may not support all brands of transceivers because there are numerous manufacturers in the market. It is impossible to verify each of them for compatibility.

    Hopefully it helps.
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    one other point to check is the fibre linking the switches themselves, ie have you got the directions correct - straight patch leads, crossover patch leads etc...
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    I send you an PM!