USG210 (bridge mode) VLAN pass through

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Hi guys. I use USG210 in bridge mode (WAN1/LAN1) but VLAN traffic is not passing through.

Is there a way how to achieve this, so as WAN1 and LAN1 would just simply become trunk ports??

Or to create several bridges between them, each for every VLAN??

(I've tried many many different approaches with no success).


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  • Ian31
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    As I know, USG doesn't support VLAN trunk on bridge mode.

    Only support un-tag traffic.

  • CHS
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    Yes, it looks VLAN is only working on single port.

    I guess it is hardware limitation.

  • CVI
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    Thank you for your inputs. But standard bridge mode is not supposed to have such limitation.

    According to Wikipedia: "In the OSI model, bridging is performed in the data link layer (layer 2)". And layer 2 contains VLAN tags.

    If the tags are silently filtered and there is no way how to let them through it is a breach of the definition of a bridge. Anyone should be aware of that Zyxel pseudo-bridge feature then. In my network environment it causes me enormous troubles.

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