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  • Hi Melen, we are having many issues with appliances no longer booting with sys light flashing. I am currently on the Teams meeting with Tobias and he is going to send me the recovery procedures. But if you have access to them feel free to post here :-)
  • To make matters worse we are now facing issues of Firewalls not coming back online after applying Firmware (All Nebula mode Flex 200). Trying a factory reset now in the hopes we can get them back up and running.
  • Hi Melen I can confirm that is the firmware that has been rolled out across multiple Orgs we mange this morning. All sites are back online. Message me for info on an Org you can review.
  • https://support.zyxel.eu/hc/en-us/articles/11616709217810 As per I was expecting there to be an update today, but not forced without notice!
  • Hi Judy I am going to raise an RMA, the device just does not show on the LAN at all.
  • Does this look normal?… Starting boot runlevel Starting default runlevel Start EnterpriseWLAN system daemon.... . WIFI FW mount is successful ln: ./firmware_rdp_feature.ini: Read-only file system 12064+0 records in 12064+0 records out 12064 bytes (11.8KB) copied, 0.052310 seconds, 225.2KB/s 131072+0 records in 131072+0…
  • Thanks Judy We are observing the below… 1.Slow Blinking Amber/Green on status LED 2. Slow blinking Amber Ethernet port LED in Sync with Status LED. 3. Appliance not obtaining any IP address so not accessible via web console. 4. Several Device resets performed. I got the terminal working now, I have the cable that has…
  • Not sure what happened but the device is all ok now. Only another 7 to setup and get out the door this week :-)
  • I always preconfigure the firewalls I send out. First I always choose DHCP for WAN1on the initial setup and just plug in a network lead from our LAN in to P2. Once online in Nebula I set up Wan2 as DHCP and swap the cables over. Once online via WAN2 I can then saflely modify WAN1 with the required PPPOE detail or static IP…
  • @Russelljacobson If your Wan connection has multiple static IP's you need to specify the IP in the NAT rule you wish to use. For example you create an “A” record for remote.mydomain.com to point to one of your static IP addresses on port 443 the rule should look like this I hope this helps.
  • Just to say that ZyXel need to address this in their next firmware rollout. I am seeing this error accross multiple orgs I manage. Just seem to be USG Flex models, including the new Flex 50 models. To be fair there are no issues at all with the network functionality. It's just an annoyance with the logs being populated…
Thanks Jeff, appliance is on Nebula V5.35(ABIQ.0) (Latest), do I just deploy via local web GUI?
  • Having this issue on a ATP 800 too, any updates?
  • Just to confirm the new Flex 200 revision no longer has the option for 3 WAN connections. I would suggest making P5 "Optional" so we get the option back.
  • Does the new revision allow 3 WAN connections still? That's the main concern for me, I can always use a media adapter if required.
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