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  • GiuseppeR if you go into Site-wide > Devices > Switches > the particular switch the client is connected to and then slide down to Ports you will see the active ports on the switch. If you mouse over those ports it will tell you who/how/etc the port is connected. Let me know if this helps. -stew
  • I have an additional concern after reading this question. I have 1 GS1005HP 60W PoE Switch with 2 NWA210AX AP's connected. Both AP's are "working" BUT 1 is coming up in Power mode: Limited (Require 802.at power). Now when I read the specs on the GS1005HP it shows that it supports 802.at power and has enough power (60W) to…
  • I believe there are differences between what u can do with the mobile app and the full app through a browser. You might try accessing nebula through a browser session to see if that solves your issue. -stew
  • If you have FiOS and DO NOT have the FiOS TV service then you need to eliminate the FiOS router and go direct from the ONT to your WAN Port on the ZyXEL router. I suspect your problem is the double NAT you get going through the FiOS router and then the ZyXEL router. VPN's don't like double NAT's. If you DO have the FiOS TV…
  • Stefan. I ran into the same issue. I didn't have a QR Code on mine either. I had to call tech support and explain the problem to them. They freed up the device that allowed me to register it again. Hope this helps. -stew
  • TCS, Can you give us some more specs as to how you have the NWA's deployed and configured. Is this an office or home? All ceiling installed or other installs? SSID's all same or different? Guest network configured? Devices mainly connect w 2.4 or 5 ghz? Just curious how others r setting up. We all like to learn. -stew
  • Support_rcor - I am very interested in the solution to this problem. Please keep us updated on the progress and any findings you might come up with. -stew
  • Just to update everyone on the status of this issue. It was the cable!!! I thought I plugged in the ethernet cable I always use, turned out it was a cable from a SIP phone and was quite old. I'm sorry to have bothered anyone. I should have noticed that before bringing my issue to the forum. Thanks Zyxel_Silvia. -stew
  • Silvia Thanks for your additional comments. -stew
  • All, This issue is resolved. I had to call TS and get them to free up the registration of this device. It was done and I was able to immediately register it. Thanks Rafael. -stew
  • Sylvia, In your instructions you specified selecting: Change Organization As I was moving this to a completely NEW organization under a NEW Nebula login name which had not been established yet I selected: Remove from Organization My thinking was that with Remove from Organization that would make this AP assignable to any…
  • ZyXEL-Sylvia, I did those actions you specified last Friday. The device is no longer listed under my Organization. I still CANNOT add the device to the new Organization. I just tried this moment and get the same error as I have received in the last 3 days: "Device is already registered by another user. Add the device by…
  • Thanks for reply but this AP is from an existing install and the box was trashed on the first install.
  • Papa_DIOP - On the surface this doesn't sound right. Some questions come to mind... * Is there another DHCP server on the network? * Is DHCP set as the default on all the devices you are trying to get connected? * Just from what you said, you have 38 devices that might be looking for an IP address PLUS all the other…
  • Yeah, what's this guy smoking?
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