Terrible performance with (4) NWA1123-AC PRO access points in Nebula Control Center.

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We have installed well over 30 Zyxel wireless networks using Nebula Control Center and for the most part have had success. One of our latest installs has been problematic. The user complains that his iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and any other wireless device performs poorly. What's ironic is that his Windows 10 laptop works just fine on the wireless network, however, he wishes to use his mobile devices for Zoom meetings and VOIP calls using Vonage.

His network has a USG40 firewall and we have set it to prioritize VOIP traffic, but that has made little difference. While searching through Nebula I have found WLAN Rate Control Setting that has Lower and High Density. Are there any recommended settings within Nebula that can improve performance for his mobile devices? This has been going on for weeks and requests to support have one unanswered. Any advice will be most appreciated.


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    Can you give us some more specs as to how you have the NWA's deployed and configured.

    Is this an office or home?
    All ceiling installed or other installs?
    SSID's all same or different?
    Guest network configured?
    Devices mainly connect w 2.4 or 5 ghz?

    Just curious how others r setting up. We all like to learn.

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    Dear customer,


    In most common cases, environment is the main reason to effect con-call performance. We generate a guide to help user setting up the wireless service for the scenario. Here is the practice for VOIP applications for your reference.


    If you still have any questions, please enable the Zyxel support at Help > Support request > Invite Zyxel support as administrator, and provide the Org and Site name for us to check the configurations for you.

    Thank you




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