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We have a NSG200 in our office and a NSG50 in a remote location. A VPN between them hides our RDP port. After upgrading the remote location to FIOS, we could no longer access the remote desktop server. It works properly when the FIOS router is bypassed. Is this an issue of telling Verizon which ports to open in the router, and if so how can I determine which ones?

Thank you!

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    If you have FiOS and DO NOT have the FiOS TV service then you need to eliminate the FiOS router and go direct from the ONT to your WAN Port on the ZyXEL router.

    I suspect your problem is the double NAT you get going through the FiOS router and then the ZyXEL router. VPN's don't like double NAT's.

    If you DO have the FiOS TV with your internet service you can still accomplish the task and eliminate the FiOS router but the wiring is complicated and Verizon doesn't support it - but it works. I've done it and have it working today @ a client's office.

    Good luck.

  • captgoodhope
    Don't have TV but the phones are plugged into their router. Found out they can be moved to the Zyxel, so their router is now bypassed. Thank you!

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