[NEBULA] How to add policy rules for clients?

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Where to find: Access point > Monitor > Clients

Function description: This function is used to do MAC filter for the stations. We can add the station into whitelisted which can bypass Captive portal, add into Blocked which will be blocked to access the SSID, and allow to connect specific SSID. These rules can be found in "Show policy clients".

Scenario: Thecustomer's station MAC address is CC:66:0A:AA:AA:AA. It is allowed to connect to WiFi network with SSID Hotel-Guest, but restrict to connect to SSID Employee. 


1. The station has connected to the AP, so we can know the MAC address via Client page.

    a. Go to Access point > Monitor > Clients. Choose the client and add a policy rule.

    b. The station can be searched via "Show policy clients", and we can see the detail in the Policy.

2. The station is not connected to the AP, but we know the MAC address. So we can import the MAC address and add a rule for it.

    a. Go to Access point > Monitor > Clients. Click the "Add client", and add the station details. Then click "OK".

    b. Go to Show policy clients. Choose ths client and click "Policy", and setup the specific SSID. Then click "Apply policy".

    c. The client can be found in Show policy clients, and the policy will be "whitelisted(Hotel-Guest),blocked(Employee)".


1. Does not display clients manually added with Normal policy.

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