Cannot login after added to Nebula

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I have two XGS1930-28 worked fine until I added them to Nebula site. I cannot login with my local account.
I tried to login with the cloud account, but it did not work.
I restarted them from the cloud but nothing changed.
Is it normal?

Unfortunately i cannot perform a hard restart, because I am at HomeOffice.

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  • dempie
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    are you talking about local access?
    Did you try login credentials from Site-wide / Configure/ General settings?


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    Hi @dempie,

    Thanks for answering this question. 

    Hi @Makksa42,

    Welcome to Zyxel community!

    Kindly mention you that device will totally been controlled by Nebula after been added to Nebula, may you share why you need to login local?