Has Zyxel got a new great unit like the old G-4100? It was so user friendly, and served me great.

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Sadly, they quit making them, and finding spares are becoming extremely hard..  I own a rural campground, and have to use the expensive Xplornet satellite system.. But the G-4100 lets me reduce the bandwidth, and the customized print outs, allows me to add all sorts of instruction.. .... I have been using the G-4100 for 20 years...  I purchased a UAG4100 and printer, and have spent the last 2 days, wrestling with the high tech programing, and I just can't get it to do what I want.. I also purchased an N-4100 and printer, when the zyxel went the way of the dinosaurs.. I was going to try connecting that.. 
Why can't zyxel make a unit, and include specific, if only basic instructions, to use the units in specialized businesses..  What I am looking for is a unit, that has to have guests log on with a code.. I give 2 free connections per camping unit, and charge additl. users 5 bucks for each connection.. In order to save costs, I reduce the bandwidth down to each guest to about 1200 kbs, depending on the number who use it.. I shut the internet off at night, and it's also turned off, 1/2 hr before checkout in the morning.. It would be nice to see a unit, where you can put in an end time..  Thanks for any help.. I'm not holding my breath with the N-4100, and have a feeling, before the day is through, I'll be hooking my G-4100, back up again...  

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