How to MOVE devices to another site, same organization

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I'm in INVENTORY and trying to move a number of devices to ANOTHER SITE, same organization.

I check/select the devices and then go to Add to and select the other site to MOVE them to. Nothing ever changes in the list under the sites the devices are assigned to. When I try to leave the ORGANIZATION an error comes up saying the changes have not been saved but there are no SAVE choices on the screen. What's going on?

How can I MOVE a device from one site to another, SAME ORGANIZATION???




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    Hi @ivessm,

    Currently, you may go to each Product category to move device to another site.
    The step for Access Point and Switch is:
    1. Go to Access point > Monitor > Access points(Switch > Monitor > Switches) 
    2. Select the devices you want to move.
    3. Click Move button(Above the device list) and choose the destination site.
    The step for Security gateway is:
    1. Go to Security gateway > Monitor > Security gateway
    2. Click Edit button(Beside Configuration)
    3. Remove gateway from the old site and go to the new site and add again.
    The good news is the inventory page will be enhanced in Nebula Phase 11 which will be released next week, so the user can move devices between sites in the same organization.


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