Issue connecting to the Web Interface on my Armor G5 WIFI Router in Bridge mode

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I am running the Armor G5 in Bridge mode and I have connected the 10Gbps LAN port to my 10Gbps switch (only connection). Whenever I need to login in the web interface it complains that it requires the WAN port to be connected which is not necessary. The reason that it seems not necessary  is that I disconnected the LAN and connected the WAN port and it then allowed me to login, I then reconnected the cable back to the LAN port which worked fine until I logged out of the WEB interface . Also will you in the future allow to run any of the ports as WAN/LAN ?  Are you planning to add other features to the Router? 

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    Hi @Manos

    On Armor G5 in bridge mode, the IP address of Armor G5 gets the IP from the router above, if there is no wan port connected, Armor G5 cannot get the IP from the above router. It is not able to access the WebGUI since there is no IP on the device. once you connected with Wan port, Armor G5 get the IP from the router, so it is available to access after connected with WAN port.

    Currently we do not have a plan to add the feature "to run any of the ports as WAN/LAN " on Armor G5.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

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