[NEBULA] How to control and secure network access with MAC-based Authentication?

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There are many security mechanisms can be applied to wireless environment. As more security mechanisms being used, it becomes more complicated to access a network. MAC-based authentication allows trusted wireless clients based on source MAC address to connect to the Nebula AP.


You can configure MAC authentication list at Configure > Cloud authentication.


Select Account type as MAC to view and edit MAC-based authentication account.

Click “+Add” to create user. You can assign description, enter MAC address, select authorized type and edit expiration time of the user. 

To enable MAC-based Authentication as the authentication method, you can go to Configure > Access points > SSID advanced settings page, then click Save.

Wireless clients use MAC address as a username and password to authenticate.

After client connects to AP, the security column shows MAC-Auth with Cloud-authentication in Clients > Client list > Choose Access point clients.