[Release Note] Nebula Control Center - Phase 11 software Release!

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Zyxel Nebula Control Center Release Note

Common NCC (Organization, Site-wide …etc.) enhancements:

  1. Introduced the per-device licensing model that simplifies the license management and retired the co-termination licensing model.
  2. Added new Nebula Plus Pack license option.
  3. Added new per-account Nebula MSP Pack license option for accessing the cross-org MSP features such as MSP Portal (used to be Free Base Pack feature) and MSP branding (used to be Pro Pack feature).
  4. For MSP menu and MSP Pack licensed features, added new 'Admins and teams' and cross-org synchronization feature sets.
  5. Added Group-wide feature sets for easily manage two or more Pro orgs by a group. (Pro-Pack feature)
  6. Base (Free) org data length for monitoring is now 24 hours; cloud authentication server entry for user/MAC is now 50 authorized entries.
  7. Base org will enter cloud saving mode if admin has not accessed the org for over 1 month.
  8. Cloud authentication is redesigned. User type account can control the access more easily.
  9. Added Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to nebula cloud authentication. 2FA can be enabled individually on network premises, like a SSID.
  10. Added Cloud Intelligent Log to show the actions generated from the Nebula Cloud itself.
  11. Added Site-wide Clients for managing clients connected to different device types at one single page.
  12. Alert settings are enhanced for many USG FLEX related options.

Wireless LAN (WLAN) enhancements:

  1. Jointly supports Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR) from USG FLEX Security Firewall to block or quarantine malicious wireless AP clients. Supported model: WAX650S, WAX610D, WAX510D, WAC500 and WAC500H  (Pro-Pack feature) (UTM Security Pack feature of USG FLEX)
  2. Added Remote AP function which builds secured L2 tunnel to USG FLEX Security Firewall in the office network providing the same working experience for Work-From-Home users. Supported model: WAX650S, WAX610D, WAX510D, WAC500 and WAC500H (SecureWiFi feature of USG FLEX)
  3. Supports Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for WiFi connections. Supported model: WAX650S, WAX610D, WAX510D, WAC500 and WAC500H
  4. Supports programmable SSID to fulfill unique SSID per Access Point scenario like hotel, dormitory and classroom etc. (Pro-Pack feature)
  5. Added SSID Simple mode in SSID overview that simplifies the SSID configuration.
  6. Authentication configuration is renamed to SSID settings and rearrange the settings to be better structured.
  7. WAX650S now supports zero-wait DFS to provide a non-stop Wi-Fi service for better user experience. 
  8. Supports Rate control to optimize Wi-Fi network.
  9. Supports IEEE802.11d configuration to minimize wireless client Interoperability issue.
  10. Added Qatar country code. 
  11. Supports 160MHz channel width for Russia(RU), Ukraine(UA) and Belarus(BY).
  12. Supports 80MHz channel width for Ukraine(UA).
  13. Supports channel 144 for Russia(RU) and Japan(JP).

Switching enhancements:

  1. Supports creating IP interfaces. (for Static Route, Auto PD recovery, ONVIF, SNMP and syslog monitoring etc.) (Pro-Pack feature)
  2. Supports Static Route settings. (Pro-Pack feature)
  3. Live tools now support real-time MAC table, ARP table and Routing table statistics. 
  4. Supports ONVIF configuration for IPCAM discovery on GS1350 series. (Pro-Pack feature) 
  5. Surveillance monitoring supports detection of device types by ONVIF and provides clear summary. (Pro-Pack feature)
  6. Supports to block clients from NCC Clients pages.
  7. Switch now keeps management interface settings when it is removed from a site.
  8. Switch name will apply to firmware and be used in various protocols such as syslog.
  9. Supports DAC media type.

Security Firewall enhancements:

  1. USG FLEX series with v.5.0 firmware starts being manageable by Nebula Control Center.
  2. Added Secure profile sync to configure security service settings in the org level and apply to the member sites. (UTM Security Pack feature)
  3. The VPN membership with site connectivity information is evolved to Smart VPN configuration with software-defined design to easily build scalable VPN networks (areas) among HQ and branches. (Pro-Pack feature, free beta until end of 2021)
  4. Added Collaborative Detection & Response which can alert, block or quarantine malicious wired and wireless AP clients. (UTM Security Pack feature) (block and quarantine actions of USG FLEX and AP are Pro-Pack feature)
  5. Supports Remote AP’s secured L2 tunnel connectivity. (SecureWiFi feature)
  6. Added Site-wide Applications that categorizes applications for better controls and summaries. (UTM Security Pack & NSS Security Pack feature)
  7. Added DNS-based Content filtering. (UTM Security Pack feature)
  8. Supports SecuReporter for security services insights and reports for USG FLEX series. (UTM Security Pack feature)

*NOTE: When USG FLEX 100W is managed by Nebula Cloud, the built-in radio is not supported, that customer cannot configure the built-in radio within Nebula Control Center. This will be fixed soon.