Bought an NAP102 device

jwb Posts: 3
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i bought a NAP102 via ebay which is already registered.

Who can delete the AP in the Nebula Cloud, I´m not sure if the seller will do or can do.

can Zyxel help?

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  • Ace
    Ace Posts: 24  Freshman Member
    You can use nebula app to scan QR code to register device.
  • jwb
    jwb Posts: 3
    Hi Freshman, i know, but please look my message again, its not possible when the device already had been registered on other account.
  • Nebula_Jonas
    Nebula_Jonas Posts: 195  Zyxel Employee
    Hi @jwb,

    We saw that you'd also created a ticket on Zyxel system.
    We already replied you from the ticket, message as below:

    Please download our Nebula APP on your mobile phone to scan the QR-code located at the back of the NAP or on the brown box, so the device will register to your organization.
    This mechanism, is to force register via QR-code to his/her organization because we assume only the current owner will be able to scan the QR-code as the device is already on your hand.
    You may get a pop-out message when registering, please click "Register device" on the right-hand side and click "Next" on the top-right.

  • jwb
    jwb Posts: 3
    edited April 12
    Hi Zyxel support,

    Problem has been solved correctly. Its been registered now correctly. Ticket can be closed!

    Thanx for your help!
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