When connection to Nebula the local login dont work.

Neggard Posts: 3  Freshman Member
edited April 14 in Nebula
I have a GS1920-24HP. Local access is working with admin and created user lvl. 14.
But statis local IP dont work to connect to Nebula. When the local static ( is changed to DHCP and get IP the connection to nebula works.
Access to loginpage at works but login with admin or useraccount dont work.
Latest firmware is useed.
What could I do to get local login work again? 

Accepted Solution

  • Ace
    Ace Posts: 24  Freshman Member
    Accepted Answer
    Looks like device control by ncc, you can go to Site-wird > General setting to check local credentials.

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  • Neggard
    Neggard Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Wonderful. Thanks for help. That solve my problem.
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